Popular Activities To Do In Mussoorie

Popular Places to Visit in Mussoorie

1 Kempty Falls

The one of the biggest attraction & Tourist Point in Mussoorie.It is really awesome but best time is summer to visit there.We enjoyed and see the Waterfall, A hug water falling down from the height.There are shops which offers to clothes on rent and changing rooms are also available.

2 Company Garden

A nice and peaceful hangout place. A very old and well maintained garden.You can see mountain peak from telescope here. Also, you can enjoy boating. Flowers all over there perfectly arranged in garden & give you the feeling like 80's & 90's movie's song location.

3 Happy Valley

It is supposed to be the first place when The Revered Dalai Lama set his foot when he reached India from TIBET. There is a statue of Lord Buddha where people tie scarves or thin flag like cloth to fulfil their wishes, so that just as the wind blows it will carry a strand of thread to far of places which will help to spread their religion far and wide

4 Lake Mist

The place is very good and has nice parking and food it also has nice environment and greenery around. Loved lot to visit here is like heavan we all spend lots of quality time there. Very very calm place. Water is really clean. A place where you can sit for hours and relax.

5 Bhatta Falls

The falls have lost its natural vibe. The place is terribly crowded and hence is littered around. The maintenance could have been better. This waterfall is a famous tourist spot for people travelling to Mussoorie 

6 Lal Tibba

Lal tibba is cantonment area so natural with oak trees beautiful slopes with army maintenance keep it most attractive area of Mussoorie. Trekked to the place, a quite place. 

7 George Everest

 One of the best places we happen to visit in Mussoorie was George Everest House, though post monsoon the last 02 kms are treacherous with broken road.  Best part about this location is the Sunset in the evening, you may find lots of places in Mussoorie which give you miles expanses of nothing but nothing like the sunset here.

8 GunHill

Gun Hill is one of the most beautiful attraction of Mussoorie.  Actually this was place where drinking water is stored for summer demand and daily supplied for people . Although there is trolly to reach on the top of hills but other root is for trekking too.its approximately 2 km straight climbing with beautiful view of area. 

9 Mall Road

Mall Road  Beautiful place with lots of shopping, food and hangout place. You will enjoy walking on mall road A nice place to sit and have hot maggie, momos and enjoy the scenery. One of the best place to walk around and pick up lovely stuff for all your dear ones. Very friendly and warm people.

10 Mussoorie Lake

This lake is on the way to mussoorie.There are so many stairs to reached there.Boating facilities are available.Activities around this place which is children may like.It is paid and you can enjoy the boating only.